Mom’s Gut Tells Her To Follow Car, She Takes A Peek Inside And Makes Alarming Discovery

After Shelly Brown’s car was stolen, it wasn’t the loss of the vehicle that took a toll on her, but the loss of one of the contents inside. Though it was only a small token, the small vial seemed as if it contained her whole world.

After all, the vial held her son’s ashes. Once Shelly realized her vehicle was stolen, she was faced with the fear that the last remnants of her son were lost forever.

Throughout the police investigation, Shelly waited hopefully while realizing that some stolen items are simply never tracked down. Shelly’s perspective changed as she was driving down the road in Del City, Oklahoma.

The vehicle in front of her strongly resembled the Honda CR-V that had been stolen from her. Shelly wasn’t sure what to assume about the Honda she was seeing. She believed it was hers, but she couldn’t get her hopes up.

She only knew she had an instinct and she needed to follow it. While calling the police, Shelly followed the vehicle to a parking lot at a dead end road. She stayed back a safe distance, but when the occupants left, she snapped to action.

The tearful mother couldn’t believe the sight inside. A closer inspection revealed it was indeed her vehicle. Mothers truly do have incredible instincts. Inside, Shelly was able to see the sight she had been longing for.

The small token containing her son’s ashes was the reminder of her son’s life and her love for him. She said recovering the vial meant the world to her.

“That right there is worth more than any money that could ever be given to me. That’s all I have left of my son.”

Watch as Shelly recounts the story of a mother’s love. You will love to see this mother’s happy ending!